Droid Hub - Soft Utilitar - Neamt - 2013 Nationala

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  • Categorie: Soft Utilitar
  • Judetul: Neamt


Droid Hub is your all-in-one center for Call logs, SMS Messages, Facebok chats, Twitter Mentions, eMails and many more to come!

I got the idea to create Droid Hub when I saw the Blackberry Hub. I tried to copy some features but I also tried to keep it Android. With so much platform flexibility, the app could be improved with a sidebar (see the Sidebar app in the PlayStore) to show new calls, texts etc. or with the addition of more services (the app only displays call logs and text messages right now, but lots of other services can be added: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email etc)

The app is still in alpha stage, it has a few bugs and needs lots of additions to make it worth a dive in the Play Store, but I think it has potential.


Android SDK

Cerinte sistem

Android >= 3.0


Rosianu Alexandru

  • Scoala: CNRV
  • Clasa: 9
  • Judet: Neamt