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  • Judetul: Bucuresti București
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Given the current overpopulation on Earth, the scientists have found a solution: the unlikely colonisation of the planet Mars, has become possible. The redistribution of people and gathering of resources became a primal need for the survival of humanity. To make this become reality, a group of bold and oblivious astronauts have enrolled in a dangerous trip to the Red Planet. No one could have guessed what would they encounter trapped in the frozen water from the northernmost ice of Mars. A mysterious retrovirus had invaded their headquarters, rendering their immune system useless against it. Nobody could sense the presence of the virus in their organism, so it stayed quietly on the prowl, waiting to ambush its host. While returning to Earth, our mysterious virus started to multiply in the organisms of the unaware astronauts at an exponential rate. Upon landing on Earth, it stopped before it could affect their immune system, silently spreading through the reproduction of the infected people. The virus is hereditary because it affects mainly the reproductive cells. It can travel through air and water, but to influence the behaviour, it has to be transferred through the gametes . The following generations became innately infected with the virus, all the cells having retroviral DNA mixed with the human genome. Generation after generation the genetic code gained more mutations that produced several minor changes in the way our body and brain function, but undetectable on short term. Our hormones would slightly transform, so the behaviour and physical aspect would change to people all around the globe. In several hundred years, with mostly all human beings infected, the changes that have been made are radical. Some of them are very tall and, because of the multiplication of oxytocin receptors in the hypothalamus and the changed neurological paths, they have to feel the touch of the interlocutor in order to activate the neural pathways for communication. Therefore, they have a very strong bond between themselves that makes them extremely sociable and generous, so that they can give their life for anyone anytime, but have a very strange way of interaction. Meanwhile, the other ones, are similar to those with the Asperger Syndrome: they are extremely intelligent, but are not able to sense social subtleties and emotions - the lone wolves of the society… This way, there are two different social classes.

In the end, when people realize they have an extraterrestrial virus genome enclosed in their own, it is too late for those already infected to do anything against it. They have to design a way to genetically modify the DNA of their offsprings. But this story has a plot twist: not everyone is going to accept this change.


Tehnologiile folosite pentru realizarea aplicaţiei sunt:
• Prezi,
• Adobe Photoshop CC
• Adobe Illustrator CC,
• Adobe Animate,
• Adobe Premiere pro,
• Adobe Media Encoder CC
Multe elemente vectoriale le-am preluat de pe site-ul, ca apoi să îmbinăm poze diferite pentru a reproduce vizual cu exactitate scenariul.
Etapele realizării animaţiei sunt următoarele:
Noi am preluat poze şi elemente vectoriale care au fost apoi editate şi îmbinate împreună. Apoi am făcut reglări de culoare. Apoi, spre exemplu, persoanele au fost “tăiate” în Photoshop în funcţie de părţile care se mişcă şi apoi au fost puse pe layere diferite. După toate acestea, elementele realizare în Photoshop şi Illustrator au fost importate în Adobe Animate, unde am făcut 8 animaţii pe baza acestora
Animaţia cu planeta Marte şi “mini-planetele” pe care sunt scrise zilele şi anii sunt făcute în Prezi. , după ce am înregistrat pe ecran animaţia din Prezi, în Adobe Premiere pro am tăiat secvenţe din film şi am introdus animaţiile făcute în Animate. După ce am tradus în engleză scenariul, a fost verificat de Luciana-Eliza Stîrcu, care are un atestat CAE. Pentru sunet, am rugat-o pe o prietenă cu un accent britanic excelent să se înregistreze. Ioana Băltăreţu este naratorul în animaţie, iar melodia de fundal este una clasică. Pentru ca sunetul şi imaginile să se suprapună corect, noi am scurtat sau lungit fiecare animaţie în funcţie de înregistrări. În final, animaţia a fost exportată cu ajutorul aplicaţiei Adobe Media Encoder CC într-un format mp4.

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