Network Programming - A Practical Tutorial - Prezentari 2013 Nationala


Software defined networking (SDN) is an evolutionary approach to network design and functionality based on the ability to programatically modify the behavior of network devices. Although still in its infancy, there is a great deal of optimism that SDN will make networks more flexible, dynamic, and cost-efficient, while greatly simplifying operational complexity. With the proliferation of programmatic interfaces to the network, new fields and opportunities for software applications arise. Software design patterns and software architectures are emerging to shape the way future applications interact with the network. In this workshop we will review network programming concepts in the context of current industry standards and proprietary implementations, discuss practical applications and open challenges and then provide an opportunity for attendees to explore ideas and concepts during a hands-on coding lab. Basic understanding of networking (topology, routing) is a prerequisite.


  • Klauser Bruno